CCBA Timeline

1873:  First Chinese arrived in Augusta to enlarge the Augusta Canal.


1880:  Eight Chinese grocery stores were in operation.


1882:  Chinese Exclusion Act prohibits the immigration of Chinese laborers.


1885:  First Baptist Church of Augusta established Chinese Sunday School.


1890:  Census indicated 41 Chinese in Augusta, 29 grocery stores and 8 laundries.


1926:  First meeting place was at 8th and Greene Street.


1927CCBA chartered on October 26.


1929:  Chinese School established with John Lum as teacher.


1930:  Augusta Chinese population was 153.


1935:  CCBA relocated to 6th & Broad Street.


1939:  CCBA purchased property at 548 Walker Street for $2,500.00 and relocated.


1940:  Augusta Chinese population was 222; 60 Chinese grocery stores.



  • Magnuson Act repeals Chinese Exclusion Act; allows Chinese nationals already in the country to become naturalized citizens; allows a quota of 105 Chinese immigrants per year.
  • CCBA sponsored Rice Bowl parade was held on Broad Street to raise money for China war relief.


1944:  War Bride Act allowed Chinese women and children to immigrate to US.


1947:  Chinese Youth Club of Augusta (CYCA) was formed.



  • CCBA Chinese Women’s Club established in Oct, 1948 and Mrs. B.N. Loo was the first President.
  • Two Chinese language / culture classes were held at 548 Walker Street on Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Two dialects were taught.  About 20 students ranging in age from first grade to high school were in  attendance.  Dr Kun Ken Hu was the teacher.


1955:  First Orchid Brocade Christmas Dance was organized by chairperson James Woo.


1958:  First major building renovation was funded by chop suey dinners.


1959:  An educational support group called Abacus Club was formed.


1965:  Immigration and Naturalization Act allows large scale Chinese immigration.


1971:  The Dragon Club youth group was formed.



  • Carpet, central air and heat was installed in the front room of the CCBA Hall.
  • There was a 50th Anniversary street festival.  Danny Wing was President.



  • Bingo funded the kitchen & bathrooms renovations at the CCBA building.  Suey Chong Loo was President.
  • CCBA Constitution and by-laws were established and Ellen Dong was chairperson.


1988:  CCBA funds $10,000 canal exhibit at the Augusta Museum of History.  Ralph Wong was President.



  • China was the featured country at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival; Gary Tom was President.
  • The 1st edition of the CCBA cookbook was published;  Raymond Rufo was chairperson.


1998:  The 1st edition of the CCBA membership directory was published.  Lynne Woo was chairperson.


2000:  Taste of China fundraiser; Kathy Rufo was chairperson.


2001:  CCBA website established.  Travis Tom designed the site.


2002:  CCBA established Children From China, an adoption support group.  Ellen Dong was chairperson.



  • The first Meet and Greet reception for Children From China was held in May, 2003.
  • China was again the featured country at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival.  Gary Tom was President.


2004:  CCBA was given the IRS 501- C3 tax exempt status designation.   Raymond Rufo was chairperson.



  • CCBA established the Children Summer School and Kathy Rufo was chairperson of this committee.
  • Children’s Language & Culture Class established with LD Newman as teacher.


2006:  CCBA published the 2nd edition of the Cookbook.  Kathy Rufo was chairperson.


2008:  2nd edition of the CCBA Member Directory was published with family pictures added.  Truman Woo was President.


2009:  CCBA purchased 544 Walker St property (old parsonage house). Ray Rufo was chairperson.


2010:  CCBA hosted a History Exhibit of CCBA families who settled in Augusta from 1920-1950s.  Travis Tom was designer.



  • History Exhibit receives the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board award.
  • CCBA presents history exhibit and oral history initiative at the APA History Symposium, National Archives in Atlanta.
  • Georgia Humanities Council awards CCBA an oral history grant.  Kathryn Rufo was chairperson.
  • CCBA received the oral history grant and begins recording oral histories.



  • CCBA partnered with Goodwill Industries to host the 1st annual Good Boats Dragon Boat Race and Festival.
  • A presentation ceremony of  the Oral Histories and Photographic Exhibit was held at the Augusta Richmond County Library (Kathryn Rufo and Travis Tom).
  • Demolition of the parsonage home at 544 Walker St was approved by the city.  Ray Rufo was chairperson.
  • Ray Rufo presented the CCBA community oral history project at the APA Historic Preservation Forum in Los Angeles, CA.
  • CCBA letter of Affirmation supporting GRU application for Confucius Institute – Ray Rufo, President



  • The 544 Walker St parsonage home was demolished. Ray Rufo was chairperson.
  • New floor was added in the front room of CCBA Hall and a concrete storage pad was added in the basement.  Ray Rufo was chairperson.
  • CCBA received Goodwill’s Community Partner of the Year Award.



  • CCBA increased its web and social media presence with a redesigned website and updated content.  Also a new CCBA Facebook Page was created and led by Danielle Moores.
  • GRU Confucius Institute officially opens.  Dr. Ricardo Azziz, GRU President,  recognizes the CCBA’s contributions in obtaining the Confucius Institute status.



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Dear CCBA Members,

Our annual picnic will be held Sunday, June 4, 2017 at Lake Springs, Mallard Point. Lunch will be served at 1: 00 PM. You may bring your special dessert and snack to share, if you so desire.

Travis has planned many fun-filled activities, so plan to come early and enjoy the games and the nice spring weather. Water should be perfect for swimming!

Guest fees will apply, as follows: $10.00 / adults: $5.00 / children 5 to 12 yrs.: free / children 4 and under.
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Photos by Si-Long Chen- taken on 5/30/15

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Judge Carla Wong McMillian, Court of Appeals of Georgia discusses CCBA history during a celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Fort Gordon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear Members,
Our May Fun Night will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017 at ​548 Walker Street at 5:30 pm.​​ Please bring your favorite dish to share with friends and family.
We have invited PJ Perea to bring an SREL animal presentation to talk about their research at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. Many of you know that PJ and his wife Tricia have been a family member of CCBA for many years. They volunteered their time in various CCBA activities often. Mark your calendar and come to enjoy PJ's presentation and the evening.
Attached also please find a "CCBA member feedback on Fun Night activities". Paige Tom and I have prepared this form to solicit your opinions to make our Fun Night more interesting. I ask you to print a copy, review it and give your feedback. If you can bring a completed copy to the upcoming Fun Night, you will be very helpful. Please note that some of you had filled out a copy at the last (April) Fun Night. For that I thank you.
Kit Heung
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The art work of Kathy Rufo and Emily Moore will be on display and for sale during the month of April at 3179 Washington Rd (HireGrounds). Come to meet the Artist April 13, 6-7:30pm. Please see flyer attached.
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